stage 4 kidney disease

Stage 4 of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Symptoms and Treatment Guide


Stage 4 kidney disease, the topic of we are going to let’s talk about what is a unit of kidney and how is working it on our body.

The organ is a pair of a bean-shaped group based at the bottom of the right and left side of the bone. They may be part of the urinary system tract and perform some essential functions and functions in the body. Kidneys are necessary for a healthy body.

The kidneys filter the excess water and other waste in your body. It removes the filtered waste and excess water through the urine.

The kidneys regulate your body’s pH, salts, and potassium levels. There are about one million small molecules called nephrons in the kidney.

It filters blood to maintain blood concentration. These nephron structures play a major role in the excretion of water and other toxins from blood into the bladder.

The first and second stage is not so severe and you may not even be able to see any symptoms. By the third stage, your kidney damage symptoms appear in your body, in this time about 60% of your kidneys are infected with kidney disease.

In this case, you have a variety of problems such as high blood pressure symptoms, weakening of the bones. in this cause root, problems are kidney failure

If you do not correctly diagnose the disease at this point, the next stage is going into Stage 4 kidney disease. Then the damage gets worse.

Up to this point, about 80% of your kidneys end up infected. Moving to the fifth stage puts you at risk of developing heart disease. At this point, the only option is to have a new kidney or one of your kidneys replaced by surgery.



what's stage 4 kidney disease?

what’s stage 4 kidney disease?


As I told you before, there are five stages of kidney disease. But the crucial stage in kidney disease is stage 4 kidney disease.

It is at this stage that you decide whether you will live with your kidneys or if you will undergo another kidney surgery.

At this point, your kidneys will no longer be able to work for you. You will then be unable to get rid of your excess water and toxins in the blood.

This will cause the body to accumulate too much fluid. If Someone says that this is the beginning of other illnesses and their effects on life, then he or she is correct. Stage 4 kidney disease is as this.


Symptoms of Stage 4 Kidney Disease


1. Back pain



  • The kidneys are located in the body, under the ribs and on the sides of the spine. One cannot distinguish between kidney pain and back pain at the same time. But kidney pain can feel like a muscle tightening just below the ribs.
  • This pain is more severe and acute than back pain. This can feel like a pain in your stomach or hip. If you have a disease in one of your kidneys, you may have a side ache. If both the kidneys are dysfunctional, pain can be felt on both sides of the body. When talking about stage 4 kidney disease, you can’t forget the back pain and back pain.


2. Chest pain


  • If you have kidney failure, you are more likely to have a heart attack. This may also be the end of the disease. By learning about kidney failure and heart disease, you can find ways to stay healthy.


3. Fatigue



  • When talking about stage 4 kidney disease, what we can’t miss is fatigue. This is because kidney failure causes toxins to accumulate in the body. If one goes further, one of the complications is anaemia. When the body’s immune system weakens, fatigue develops. This reduces your daily life activities by about 60%.


4. Loss of appetite



  • At Stage 4 Kidney Disease, you may have an eating disorder. This is a loss of appetite. This happens because your brain doesn’t dictate the nervous system’s desire to eat.
  • These problems are caused by the production of wastes in the blood called uremia. Therefore, as I mentioned before, You will have fatigue.
  • It causes periodic damage to your entire body of organs. Even if you do not eat it can cause various complications such as nausea and vomiting.


5. Muscle twitches or cramps



  • In Stage 4 kidney disease, your kidneys are not functioning properly and there is a high level of metabolic impurities in the blood. A lack of proper blood flow into the muscle can cause your muscle twitch or muscle weakness.
  • You may also occasionally feel that itching or twisting occurs within the muscle. The feet become thinner due to lack of muscle growth in the legs. This is common among many people with kidney disease.


6. Nausea and vomiting

  • As I mentioned earlier, when you lose your appetite, the body slows down. Even if you do not eat, you may experience vomiting and nausea from time to time.
  • When the kidneys fail to filter the urine properly, the toxins can cause gastric disease and other complications in the stomach. Nausea and vomiting are common complications during haemorrhage, Kidney patients can feel unpleasant and stressful.


7. Persistent itching

  • When the kidneys become dysfunctional, the fluid and toxins in your body and blood can cause itching and burning of the skin. The main reason for this is the accumulation of phosphorus in the body.
  • Because there is no proper urine excretion, the sweat glands expel steroid urea to the skin. When the skin comes out, they react, causing you to itch and burn.
  • This can make patients with Stage 4 kidney disease extremely stressful and depressing. This can even cause you to lose your life.


8. Shortness of breath

  • Stage 4 Kidney disease patients have asthma. Perhaps you have already misunderstood this. But this can cause heart attacks.
  • Excess fluid accumulates in the lungs causing difficulty breathing. Then the heart will not be able to pump enough blood to other organs. When this goes on, you feel uncomfortable. Then you have asthma.


How long stage 4 kidney disease?


stage 4 kidney disease

Stage 4 kidney disease patients need dialysis before they reach stage 5. That is, you should consult your doctor about kidney transplantation.

It depends on your activity, how long you live. Stage 4 (stage 4 kidney disease) The life expectancy of women suffering from kidney disease is quite short.

This can actually vary depending on the patient’s lifestyle and age. There is a cure for stage 4, but it can be difficult, and patients can take steps to improve their longevity. But more clinics are needed to say this correctly.


Is Stage 4 kidney failure serious?


stage 4 kidney disease

If you do not stop the kidney failure in stage four, you will be in stage five. Your current kidneys will be disappointed. The only thing left to do now is a kidney transplant or dialysis.

Otherwise, no one can stop you from suffering from diabetes. Therefore, even your life is threatened. If you have already been diagnosed with kidney failure or you are currently in the fourth kidney stage, start treatment.


Can you die stage 4 kidney disease?


stage 4 kidney disease

People who have stage 4 kidney disease are at increased risk for heart disease. Most people with kidney disease do not die because of kidney disease.

There is a tendency for heart attacks. It has a big impact on your daily life. And there are a few health and health hazards that I mention below.

  • High blood pressure
  • Abnormal cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • Bone and mineral disease
  • Smoking

You can slow down or prevent heart attacks by following your treatment plan. Make sure to keep your heart healthy. Ask your doctor for help and advice to keep your heart healthy.

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