Signs of liver damage

Early Signs Of Liver Damage

Signs of liver damage. This a topic is today I am talking with you. (if you have not yet read my heart failure article, please read it) so we need to know first.

What are the main key features of the liver? So let’s talk one by one today’s lesson.

Liver contributes to a lot of physical activity in our body. Making the protein you need, contributing to blood clotting, controlling sugar levels, and many other body functions Performed by the liver.

Liver disease is associated with a wide variety of diseases and a variety of diseases. Your liver is damaged in several stages.

Each and every one of those years affect your organs in a different way. Getting a full understanding of these stages of liver disease can help you live a healthier life. So read this article well.

What is cirrhosis…?

signs of liver damage

Before we take a look at the signs of liver damage, let’s get a closer look at cirrhosis, which will help us understand these things. It is a disease that develops slowly in liver patients for many years. Cirrhosis and liver disease are very similar.

This is a disease characterized by liver tissue scar tissue. If you are suffering from excessive alcohol intake at the time of your liver disease, your liver may not be able to repair itself.

The liver damage caused by cirrhosis is usually irreversible. As cirrhosis develops in your liver, more and more of your liver becomes scarred and the liver becomes unable to function.

Early signs of liver damage

1. Feeling unwell and tired all the time

  • Do you occasionally feel sick or tired at times? It can be stressful or stressful. This may be the first symptom you see of signs of liver damage. If you feel tired or stressed for a long time, keep an eye on your liver.

2. Loss of weight and muscle wasting

signs of liver damage

  • Many people try different exercises and exercises to lose weight. Some people get results, but some don’t. Losing weight is such a difficult task. But even if you don’t, you will need to focus on losing weight.
  • but if you lose weight when you are not doing any of these things for weight loss, you need to pay attention to that.
  • Your weight and muscle growth is all around the bottom. Your body’s immune system is also impaired. This is common among liver patients. Lack of fat in the muscles warns you that there is a problem with your liver.

3. Loss of appetite

  • Another factor associated with weight loss is your lack of appetite for food. This is called anorexia. If you are already suffering from this symptom, see your doctor immediately.
  • Lack of appetite not only affects your liver, but it can also lead to kidney disease. As soon as your appetite for food diminishes, your body will not get all the nutrients it needs.
  • Your immune system weakens, making you vulnerable to many other diseases. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to this.

4. Feeling sick (nausea) and vomiting

  • Even when there is no food in your stomach, it can cause you to vomit and nausea. This is because your liver is damaged and toxic waste is deposited in your stomach. You will feel this when your gallbladder is in turmoil.

5. Blotchy red palms

signs of liver damage

  • Body colour varies depending on the temperature and activity of the person. It is a yellow or reddish colour. If any of these processes do not occur in your body and your body colour changes, you should be careful.
  • This is because the erythema, also known as the liver tree, grows in your liver. At first, your hands may change colour.
  • But this can gradually spread to the extremities of your toes and leg. This is called plantar erythema. As you know, your hands will reveal a number of hidden diseases in your body.

6. Pain in the liver area

  • Your blood builds up fluid in the way of liver damage. Due to lack of proper blood filtration, your blood is mixed with toxic waste.
  • So your kidneys start sending bad. So you can have some kind of pain. So you better remember, the damage to your liver affects not only the liver but all the other organs.

7. Disturbed sleep patterns

signs of liver damage

  • With the disease of your liver, you will be subject to various stressors, both physically and mentally. So your usual sleep patterns will change.
  • The reason is that your left body does not have proper blood flow. The body suffers from complications because your heart is unable to provide the blood supply it needs.
  • It means that certain parts of your body need your help. If you are diagnosed with liver damage early on, you may be able to maintain better health.


Later signs of liver damage

1. Intensely itchy skin

  • When the kidneys become dysfunctional, the fluid and toxins in your body and blood can cause itching and burning of the skin.
  • The main reason for this is the accumulation of phosphorus in the body. Because there is no proper urine excretion, the sweat glands expel steroid urea to the skin.
  • When the skin comes out, they react, causing you to itch and burn.

2. yellowing of the white of  your eyes and the skin

  • Signs of liver damage: Bilirubin shows that your body is suffering from some disease. Thus, when your body produces bilirubin, it should be removed.
  • But it is done by your liver. When your liver is damaged, it is impossible to do. The excessive amount of bilirubin in the body is indicated by the yellowing of the eye.
  • But you need to know the difference between jaundice and bilirubin. If you have yellow eyes and skin, you should consider signs of liver damage.

3. White nails

signs of liver damage

  • You can usually see the pink nail underneath the clear nail plate. Most people have a white half-moon shape at the foot of the nail.
  • Terry’s nails are completely white nails except for a small pink or brown band. These are seen in patients with severe liver disease. 
  • Better watch your nails between your next manual to learn how to treat the symptoms of your nails. Pay attention when the nails are completely white.
  • This may indicate liver disease or hepatitis. It can mean diseases such as kidney disease and more rarely heart disease or diabetes. one of the sign is signs of liver damage. please consider your nails carefully.

4. Hair Loss

  • For anyone, hair loss is a common problem. But for some, this can cause a lot of stress. Genetic factors in your family can also cause hair loss.
  • But what happens is your hormone is affected by the contamination of the blood and the impurities in the blood and the blood is lost, causing you to lose your hair.
  • But first, you have to focus on traditional hair loss. But I have seen among cirrhosis, hair loss is a common disease. We can see this in the case of liver damage.

5. Swelling of the legs, ankles

  • Swelling of the feet or ankles may occur. Sometimes this is due to blood sprains. Otherwise, this is due to the number of unnecessary fluids accumulated in the body.
  • However, leg swelling is associated with many diseases. But the root cause of all these diseases is the accumulation of unnecessary fluids in the body due to kidney failure.
  • These aggregates also move into the fluid’s liver tissue. Therefore, swelling of the legs is a common disease of the liver damage signs.

6. Swelling of the abdomen/belly

  • A swollen stomach causes the accumulation of excess fluid in the body. Swollen stomachs have a number of hidden causes, which is a symptom that may appear after your liver is infected.
  • The kidney system does a great job for you. When this is not working properly, the toxin fluid can be built up in the body. This can even lead to your fat-free weight gain. This can be very stressful for you.
  • There may be many other causes for your abdomen to swell. However, only your doctor can regulate the cause of your abdominal swelling.

7. Dark urine

signs of liver damage

  • Dark urine. Is it a sign of liver damage? If your urine is brown, you may at one time think, “I want to drink more water.” But that’s not true.
  • If you think about drinking more water and your urine is darker, what do you think? But if you drink too much water and the colour of your urine hasn’t changed, there are other reasons.
  • Urine is produced in the kidneys. Your kidneys are not working properly because your liver is not functioning properly.
  • Urine passes through your digestive system into your circulatory system and kidneys. There are several naturally occurring yellow pigments in the urine, known as Eurobillin or Eurochrome.
  • Darker urine, which tends to be more concentrated. However, I have found many patients with liver damage. Among patients, I have seen many signs of liver damage. So dark urine is one of them.

8.Vomiting blood

  • There are many articles I have read before writing this article. But by talking about the risks of liver damage, they can avoid the possibility of vomiting.
  • The vomiting of blood varies from bright red to dark red. The gallbladder irritates when fluid is accumulated in your stomach. As a result, blood can be released with vomiting.

9. Right shoulder pain

  • Just because you have pain in your right shoulder or in your right hand, it does not mean that the liver is damaged.
  • When your muscles are tired, you can feel the pain in the shoulder. But this is only temporary pain.
  • If you cannot lift your hand above your head and it continues for no reason, you need to pay attention to it.

10. Shortness of breath

signs of liver damage

  • A person with severe liver disease can have various complications. In acute liver disease, shortness of breath occurs.
  • This is because the excess fluid in your body affects the lungs. Lung and fluid are difficult to breathe in fact.
  • You may find it difficult to breathe, and you may have trouble breathing. This not only affects the kidney but also the liver.

So today we were talking about signs of liver damage. I think that now you got to know many different types of signs of liver damage.

If you have one or more than above signs of liver damage I mentioned.

please get more attention and consider it. I would like to update this post in the future what I know other things about signs of liver damage.

therefore please connecting with us for a better healthy life. thank you…!

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