health benefits of avocado

Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado


1. Incredibly Nutritious


Avocado Per 100g

  • Calories 160
  • Total Fat 15g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 7mg
  • Potassium 485mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 9g
  • Protein 2 g
  • Vitamin A 2%
  • Vitamin B-6 15%
  • Vitamin C 16%
  • Iron 3%
  • Magnesium 7%

Avocado benefits, of course, if an avocado is called a divine medicine, I am correct. To that extent, I think the fruit has many valuable benefits.

Basically carbohydrates and this fruit contain healthy fats. And there are a lot of valuable nutrients out there that we can all take a look at.

Read this article to the very end. I’m pretty sure You make avocado as your favourite fruit.


2. Great for Your Vision


Are you aware of light waves that can damage your eye? And as you get older, your eyesight can get sick. Avocados have substantial amounts of high lutein and zeaxanthin.

It also protects the eye from harmful light, including the ultraviolet light, which is exposed to your eye.

Avocados have a good amount of monounsaturated fatty-acids and beta-carotene. It helps you to absorb fat-soluble antioxidants.

Recent research has shown that people who eat avocados reduce the incidence of eye degeneration as they age. And there is a healthy eye for a long time.

If you already have eye diseases, add this delicious fruit to your diet.


3. Lose Your Weight

health benefits of avocado

What … Avocados can also help you lose weight. Avocado contains fat, so how does it help you lose weight? Did you think so?

Yes, avocados have fat, but they’re good for the body. As I said before, avocados also contain monounsaturated fatty acids and beta-carotene. This soluble fat works to absorb antioxidants in the body.

Recent tests have shown that after eating avocados, your brain will not develop an appetite for up to five hours. That way you eat fewer calories.

Avocados also contain many important nutrients, including fibre and potassium, which can help you lose weight. When talking about the health benefits of avocados, this is invaluable.


4. Rich in Fiber


Avocados cannot be forgotten when we talk about fibre-rich fruits. 100 g of avocado contains 7 g of fibre.

Recent tests have revealed that constipation is very high in the United States. Of course, the best solution for constipation is fibre. Fibre helps your digestive system function properly.

It is mediated by microbes in your intestines – fibre helps your digestive system function properly. Fibre also helps to regulate your blood sugar levels.

It also has many other health benefits, including the immune system working to kill cancer cells and reduce the risk of heart disease. Therefore, add more fibre and vegetables to your diet.


5. Good for Arthritis

health benefits of avocado

Do you have inflammation or inflammatory symptoms in your body? So depending on your age, there is definitely a risk of developing arthritis.

Excessive inflammation causes the cartilage in the bones to melt. Then arthritis builds up in your bones. In the avocados, the anti-inflammatory monounsaturated fat is very high.

Avocado is the best solution to the burning sensation in your body. Avocados are rich in vitamin E, C, zinc and selenium.

Many tests have proved that eating avocados is the best natural remedy for pain and joint pain in the joints. When talking about the health benefits of avocados, this is invaluable.


6. Improved Digestion


Digestion is simply the conversion of the nutrients you get into foods. It breaks down energy in the food and produces enzymes and hormones.

Your body’s liver, gallbladder and pancreas contribute to this. If this process does not work properly, it can cause constipation in the body. Constipation is one of the biggest threats to human life.

As I mentioned before, 1/3 of people in the US suffer from constipation. The best solution is to eat a diet rich in fibre.

I told you that avocado contains 7g of fibre. By adding avocados to your diet, you can get enough fibre daily.


7. Prevent Cancer

health benefits of avocado

Cancer is one of the major diseases that most people face. Day by day, many people are infected with the disease. The main reason for this is the harmful chemicals in the foods we eat. If you consume enough folate, it can kill cancer cells.

Phytochemicals are present in avocados. It causes the growth of cancer cells and destroys existing cancer cells.

Lymphocytes, called the lymphocytes, which I want to act on, produce more and more in the body. Also, phytochemicals from avocados prevent the chromosome changes in the body. When talking about the health benefits of avocados, this is invaluable.


8. More Potassium


Your body needs a good amount of potassium to function properly. The kidneys help regulate the amount of potassium in your body. But if this is not properly regulated by the kidneys, potassium is deposited in the blood.

This results in numbness of the hands and feet. Your muscles and nervous system need potassium to function properly.

Avocados have better potassium content than bananas. Recent studies have found avocados to be a good potassium source.


9. Good for Your Babies

health benefits of avocado

The prevailing opinion is that avocados are popular among adults. But avocado is one of the most important choices in your baby’s or your baby’s diet.

Avocados are full of nutrients including protein, essential vitamins and minerals and are important for your child’s brain to grow. Adding avocados to your baby’s first meal is the best investment for your baby.

Because babies need fat to grow properly. Adding avocados to your baby’s diet can satisfy this need. If you are already expecting a baby, don’t forget to add it to your diet today, because folate is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy.

Folate is predominant in avocados. In short, avocados are an essential fruit for you and your baby’s diet. When talking about the health benefits of avocados, this is invaluable.


10. Lower Cholesterol


Avocados have a high-fat content. Don’t worry, all that fat is good for your body. Cholesterol is an essential part of the human body.

It is produced by the liver in the body. It also adds cholesterol to your body through the foods and drinks you eat every day.

There are two types of cholesterol in the body. Namely LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol). LDL cholesterol is harmful to the body.

It clogs the blood arteries. But HDL cholesterol is good for the body. HDL cholesterol controls the risk of heart and diabetics disease. Help keep the body healthy.

Avocado contains HDL cholesterol. Eating avocados increases your body’s good cholesterol and reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body.

Another advantage is the low cholesterol and high-calorie content. When talking about the health benefits of avocados, this is invaluable.


11. Protect Your Heart

health benefits of avocado

If LDL cholesterol boosts the body, it is deposited in your blood vessels. Your heart’s blood may not be able to function properly.

Then your heart will fail. Then you get heart disease. but I mentioned earlier that HDL cholesterol is present in avocados.

One of the unique properties of this fruit is its high concentration of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It helps your heart regulate the blood it needs.

And the greatest challenge for heart disease is having high blood pressure.

One of the biggest challenges to high blood pressure is potassium. As I have done before, avocados are very good at regulating your blood potassium level.


12. Powerful Antioxidants


Avocados are rich in vitamin E, lutein, glutathione, and beta-cytosterol. Not only does this increase your body’s absorption of antioxidants, it also increases the level of antioxidants already present in your body.

By adding more lutein and glutathione to your diet, you can reduce the risk of cataracts. It also contains carotenoids lutein and xanaxanthin which are good for your eye health.

Therefore, avocados have high levels of antioxidant absorption. When talking about the health benefits of avocados, this is invaluable.


13. Decrease Risk of Diabetes

health benefits of avocado

The fibre present in the avocado helps to metabolize. Also, the percentage of carbohydrate in avocado is very low. It does not affect blood sugar levels.

The best foods for people with diabetes are low in carbohydrate and vegetables.

It is very important to pay close attention to your diet. Another benefit of adding avocados to your diet is lowering blood pressure and controlling cholesterol.

It’s a great opportunity to get all these things in one fruit.


14. Boost your Immunity System


Everything we talk about above depends on your immune system. Immunization is the ability of your body to fight off and kill unwanted bacteria or fungi.

This strength will diminish as you get older. Then you are at risk for various diseases.

By developing this, your body will control all the diseases we talked about above. Therefore, you should incorporate foods into your daily diet that will boost your immune system.

But while some foods may be suitable for your immune system, it may not be suitable for some illnesses.

So you can add avocados to your daily diet to get all the nutrients in one meal. When talking about the health benefits of avocados, this is invaluable.


15. Incorporate in Your Diet

health benefits of avocado

Not only are avocados healthy, but you can also eat them in different ways. You can make avocado as a tasty drink.

Avocados have good fat content and can be blended well with other ingredients. Once the avocado is ripe, it will feel soft.

As soon as it is fleshed, it oxidizes and turns brown. But you can avoid this by adding lemon juice. You can find avocados and various delicious drinks on the internet.

Don’t forget to add avocado in your meals to your diet today.

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